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Sale Shopping isn’t easy when you’re fat and broke but…

“January Sales”… Okay they start from boxing day but I still enjoy a good browse through the rails or website (preferably the website – I hate trying things on, and the snotty look you get from sales assistants when you’re not a size 2)

I’m in control of my meals and my anxiety but I’ve forgotten to monitor the shopping habit. I was hoping to stop this problem and then use the excuse of needing new clothes when (if) I lost some weight.

Plus – I’m not sure this happens to everyone – some of my pretty white work shirts have become stained where the aluminium in my deodorant has reacted. This has upset me a lot so obviously I need to replace them (the baking soda and vinegar method only works so much).

I’m trying to save money but there have been a couple of little purchases that I’m very happy with.

1. The boots!


I love these so much! My dad bought them for me to cheer me up during a little shopping trip after Christmas, I think they we about £15 – so comfortable and totally worth it! Thank you Peacocks


2. The trousers

https _media3.newlookassets.com_i_newlook_541334079D3

During the same shopping trip with my dad, I bought these, they were £4 in a sale rail at New Look.. Obviously I will need to shorten them before spring when I wear them, I have this problem with all wide leg trousers.


3. The top


Ok, not strictly a sale buy, it was a christmas gift from my mum but I still love it! It’s from Sainsburys


4. The bag


I found this in Joules at the weekend, £25 and it is beautiful (and reversible, all pink on the inside). Amazing!!!


I found a cute bomber jacket in Select but after I bought it and was waiting for delivery, I had the email saying it was out of stock. I did however pick this cute little lace top up.


I’m still looking for a simple non-padded bomber jacket if anyone comes across one.



A 20-something struggling chunky person looking for a quick fix and falling face first

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