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In her spare time, she enjoys…”

After the nightmare of my last discernment “The day I realised I was boring“, I was rudely reminded again this week when I finally had to write an ‘about me’ for my company’s website.

I’ve worked for this company before but stupidly I didn’t save my little bio. I did save the picture! – I don’t photograph well and photos always fall on the day that my acne flares up, I was very pleased with myself that I remembered to save it last time. It’s not particularly good but it’ll do.

Just the bio to update.

I got through the usual business stuff, my background, university, the things I’m good at and what I specialise in etc but then I got to the last line.

“She’s from a small town in the north of England and in her spare time she enjoys…”


I have no idea

What hobbies do I have? None.

Well, none that make me sound interesting.

I sent the question out to my friends, the replies I received amused me but didn’t seem professional enough for the website.

“In her spare time she drinks.”

“She enjoys being asked to leave from supermarkets for laughing too loud in the greeting cards aisle”

“She enjoys pressing all the noisy toys in shops and then walking away”

“In her spare time she gets into embarrassing and weird situations that no normal person would have to deal with”

“She likes to sleep.”

All of these are true and all of them are things I enjoy in some way but none of them seem appropriate.

Since I’ve had to put something, I’ve gone with the generic “she enjoys cooking and painting”. I do enjoy painting and I’m not sure about cooking but since it fills most of my free time I’ll leave it in. The only issue is this makes me seem like a boring 80-year-old or a house wife in the 1950s. I’ve promised our website designer something a little more exciting but I’m failing to find inspiration. I’m back to the hobby search.

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Meal Prep Madness

I feel like I’m turning into my mother when I say this but… I love planning my meals!

To save some money I decided to do a rough weekly plan of my meals (usually based on what’s going to be on offer in my local supermarket). It has been about a month and it’s working out very well. I especially enjoy the shopping trips that cost less than ¬£20 for my weekly food.

I go online or pick up the little offer magazine from the supermarket and basically plan my weekly meals around it, and since the offers don’t come around that often my weekly meals are rarely boring.

It’s been working so well for my evening meals. I get home from work knowing exactly what I need to cook and it cuts out that annoying hour where I stand in front of my freezer staring at the¬†contents looking for inspiration.

I’m guessing this is healthier too as I’m eating earlier and my body has more time to process the food before I go to bed.

I admit I occasionally swap things around, like this week I knew I had a jumbo box of fish fingers in my freezer, I keep them mainly for a quick-lunch, but I was seriously craving those breadcrumb covered rectangles – so out went the planned smoked haddock dish and in came the quick and easy finger. Plus I’ve got an extra meal to roll on to next week.


Now I am starting the lunch meal prep. How hard can it be? (My breakfast is always a berry&banana smoothie – it’s my version of coffee, I can’t cope without it)

I’m sort of already doing it.

I have tried it once before with mason jar salads (how expensive are good mason jars!!?!) but I got really bored of the salad by the 3rd day and by the end of the week I was ready to be sick from the dressing.

On Sunday, looking out at the dull rainy sky I decided it was time for another Soup Sunday.

This time I made a spinach soup and a red pepper and tomato soup.

They were so easy and they’ve been amazing so far this week.

My spinach soup;

One chopped onion

One chopped potato

A pint of veg stock

As much spinach as would fit in the pan

I thew the onion in the pan to soften, added the potato and stock later.

After the potato was soft I threw in a load of spinach and some salt and pepper

It boiled away while I did other things and I finally got around to processing it.

Into 2 microwavable pots and into my fridge… followed by a lot of cleaning because my white kitchen had been decorated with green polka dots.


At the same time I made the tomato and pepper soup

One chopped onion (and some salad spring onions I had lying in the fridge)

One chopped potato (to thicken)

One red bell pepper

One can of tomatoes

3/4 pint of veg stock

The same as every soup, I throw the onion in to soften first, then added the pepper to do the same.

Once soft I added the potato and stock, shortly followed by the can of tomatoes.

Salt and pepper to taste – and then by a stroke of genius I added some basil and a sprinkle of chilli flakes – that heat really kicked it up a flavour notch!

Boil then process and decant into tubs for the fridge.


I’m loving the meal prep – I made enough for 5 days, but since I’ve got Friday off I had a bowl for a Sunday snack.

Now to plan next weeks lunches… I’m thinking a chicken and vegetable one tray bake with couscous.

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Am I too old for Birthdays?

Yesterday was my Birthday. I’m still in my 20’s but somehow I feel like I turned 75.



Having a birthday on a Monday is never fun, people forget over the weekend so when they you see you in work the thought immediately pops into their head “Oh crap, I forgot”. We’re all guilty of forgetting but it’s still not a great feeling. There are 3 other people in my office, 2 remembered when I walked through the door, one was reminded later on. This was also the first year that I didn’t get a card or cake during the day.

Apart from the usual ” Happy Birthday… how old are you?… I remember being that age etc” No one mentioned it again. A delivery of flowers and a plant sparked little conversations of horticultural management but nothing more.

Leaving 30 minutes early was my gift.



My 3 best friends posted the usual collage of embarrassing photos on social media before I had left for work. Then they’re the friends that forget and post something at 11pm.


4 cards arrived.. when did social mediadog-in-party-hat_4460x4460.jpg posts replace cards? I remember being about 10 and the whole room was covered with brightly coloured pictures and love from family members you hardly saw but somehow always managed to remember your birthday. Now I have 6 cards in my flat, including one from my dog.



Pink Moth Orchid

Everyone has awkward moments on their birthday too right? This year my ex sent me a card (very kind of him), his family sent me a card (very nice of them) and as a joint gift they had a moth orchid delivered to me at work. This begs the question, has he mentioned that we’ve split up?? I know it happened less than two weeks ago but surely he told them. Or are they in denial?


I’d spent the weekend with my best friend so I’d opened 3 gifts with her and saved 2 for monday morning. I’m glad I did, they were the highlight of my day until my mum arrived.



My mother has been at every one of my previous birthdays and my move 3 hours down the country was not going to stop her missing this one. She arrived at my flat at the same time I did.

I opened 5 gifts with my mum and I have the rest to open with both of my parents at the weekend (We’re a family that will buy 20 little gifts to a normal families 1 gift).tractor-485897_960_720.jpg

My dad is from a farming family so the excitement of silaging time and a new tractor meant he almost completely forgot the anniversary of my birth. We called him at 10:30pm. Tractors dominated our conversation.


My mum makes a real effort every year, I love her for that.

She’d cooked and we had a “Southern-style” dinner. Starting with crab cakes, followed by Gumbo, then Mississippi mud pie. Although, as I live thousands of miles from the Mississippi, she renamed it “River Wye Mud Pie”. Preacher cake and coffee to finish. It was beautiful.

We watched comedian Greg Davies and his Back Of My Mum’s Head Tour, this had us laughing so hard we were in pain. She then proceeded to sleep on my living room floor and left at 5:30am today.


All in all it wasn’t a bad day by any means. I had a great weekend, lovely gifts, left work early and go to spend time laughing with my mum. I just can’t help feeling I’ve hit the age where birthdays are just something that pass us by and fun has been sucked away.

Am I just tired or in need of birthday cake? Can I buy myself birthday cake? Is singing Happy Birthday to yourself as sad as it sounds in my head?